The all in one platform for
community ownership
Launch a SAFE for your community in minutes. Extend it in seconds. Without any extra legal cost.
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Get rid of the expensive middlemen,
you have Fairmint 🤗.
An offering customized for your community
The sky's the limit. $100K, $500K, $1M, $10M... Instantly set an allocation, and you increase it whenever you need to in seconds.
Adjust your valuation whenever you need to, and all subsequent investments will automatically be made at the new valuation.
Build your portal
Don't settle for a page on anyone else's website. Craft your portal to match your brand as a store for your fans to shop your equity.
Go live fast
Legal, filing, and setup. You fly through the process in minutes. A SAFE ready for your community.
A fundraising process designed for community
Continuous & passive
Receive investment at any time from your community. Even when you sleep. No more closed or oversubscribed rounds.
All investment methods
ACH, Wire, credit cards, even checks! And obviously accept USDC, BTC, ETH. Welcome to 2023!
VC-approved, VC-additive
Top VCs love investing alongside your product's megafans. It gives them a strong signal that your product is loved, and your community has skin in the game.
A cap table as it should: LIVE
Your cap table is live! It's always up to date, and it updates automatically, and instantly whenever there are changes.
A reward accessible to anyone that adds value
Pay employees and any service provider that helps you grow, with equity of your company in a few clicks.
Supercharge your growth by incentivizing user behavior to get the most out of your community.
We have your back. Start manually and scale to thousands of community members using a simple integration with our Compensation API.
Options, RSUs, and Grants
Transform anyone who adds value to your company into an owner, using the template of your choice and include cliff, vesting, strike.
All the cool tools founders can use to manage their community deal
Smooth Compliance Process
KYC, AML, and Accreditation status are fully automated with Ai or taken care of with a single click.
Simple Customization
As simple as using a CMS “à la” Wordpress, add your logo, your company branding, and community content in your content center.
Craft your Legal
Access exclusive community-focused legal templates, all crafted by top law firms. Customize to fit your needs right inside your portal.
The boring stuff made easy. KYC, KYB, AML, equity issuance, cap table management, and more all run in the background. Stay focus on building your business.
Add the tools you love like Slack, Intercom, and Google Analytics to receive notifications, track data and bring your experience to the next level.
Your brand, your $TICKER symbol
TSLA, AAPL and more use their ticker as a powerful branding tool, promoting their community sense of identity. Build yours now, with your own ticker symbol.