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growing community
Onboard as many investors, users, and fans as you can. The sky's the limit.
Pay a one-time fee and start onboarding
your community in a few clicks 🎉
starts at
with unlimited community members
Unlock the features and services you want for your community
Get everything set up to run an offering compliantly
Stay focused on scaling your business
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Special legal terms
Special exemptions
LLC, DAOs, other States
Non-US countries
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What's included
Get 30+ features out of the box with Fairmint’s integrated pricing
Automated investment, compensation, and all legal tools
Equity investment flow 💰
Equity grant flow 💰
Automated legal templates
Live cap table
Global investments method set up in seconds
Wire, international wire
Credit and debit cards
Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance tooling
KYC (ID verification)
KYB (Business verification)
AML (Anti money laundering)
Accreditation status check
Fast & easy design customization to strengthen brand awareness
Personalized ticker symbol
Custom UI toolkit
Integrated company widget
Accessible community metrics and data analytics
Real-time sign ups monitoring
Community conversion rate
Advanced analytics* (optional 💰)
24/7 chat, email, and screen sharing support
Support right in your portal
Live support on Slack* (optional 💰)
Comprehensive knowledge base
Save time with your programmable equity allocation
Allocate whenever you want or need
Update your valuation in seconds
Pause or stop with a click
Easily accessible in your dashboard
Manage all operations with a unified dashboard
Take action from the Dashboard
Track investment and compensation
Define roles and permissions
Manage members' verification
Robust developer platform and third-party integrations
Access our API*
Intercom integration
Slack integration
Custom integration*
Direct access to top securities lawyers & agents
A question, a review, a filing, find the right partners for the right needs.
Optimise conversion among your community
Thanks to customers feedback and special webinar you can optimize your conversion flow to get more from your community.
Reinforce trust with the right insurance
Get your Directors and Officers (D&O) covered as they should while soliciting investment.
What our customers say
“Having pricing tied to the offering and overall success of our company gives Fairmint a vested interest in us and keeps the Fairmint team wanting to deliver their best throughout the process.”
Gil Hildebrand
CEO and founder @
We were so impressed by Fairmint's pricing when it came to raising capital from our community. The one-time fee of $999 to use it for multiple rounds was a real no-brainer. We saved thousands of dollars compared to other solutions and it was so easy to use!
Nauren Batjargal
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @ Erxes
"Fairmint pricing has been a game changer in building a scalable plan for our fan and member community. We love that there is no ongoing fee, just a one-time fee. It makes compensating our community members so much easier and more affordable. It's definitely a no-brainer!"
Pierre-Camille Hamana
CEO, Hospitable
Pay only for what you need.
With Fairmint, you save tons of time and thousands of dollars of value 🤗
Community fundraising
The feature to raise capital online from your community and all qualified investors around the world.
Turn your community into investors
Create as many equity allocations as you need, in just 2 clicks.
One-time $999
Create as many equity allocations as you need.
Compliance tooling
Comply with regulations & manage all legal documents from your admin dashboard.
Legal templates generation
International investors (40+ countries)
Real-time equity cap table management
Integrated KYC/AML tools
save thousands of $ of value
Community compensation
The feature to share your upside of success with your community.
Access the most innovative and exclusive feature for communities
Design your incentive and use Fairmint to start granting equity to anyone that adds value to your business for service providers and community members!
One time $4,999
a must have for communities
Streamline the process of issuing equity to service providers
Create as many equity allocations as you need.
Stock Options, RSU, grants
All legally binding agreement templates
Support cliff, vesting, e-signature
Community fundraising unlocked
more than $10,000 of value
Delaware C-Corp Incorporation
Streamline your incorporation process with Doola as a registered agent, and pay only what you need
Expedited filing
Registered agent included
EIN application
State compliance filings
+ $90 Delaware state fee
SEC Filings
Choose to manage filing yourself for free or opt for a full service filing to reduce your administrative burden when raising capital online
SEC Edgar form ID to get your codes
Reg D Form filing and amendment
Integrated Blue Sky fees management
Late state fee protection
for 12 months, no automatic renewal
+ States Fees
D&O Insurance by Assurely
Protect your Directors & Officers, provide peace of mind to your investors with the only comprehensive D&O including investors claims
Designed for online capital raising
Support Regulation D 506(c), A+, CF
Pay-as-you-raise program
Best D&O rates in the market
Start at $750 🎉
Limit based on need
They automate. We innovate. For communities
Save precious hours and thousands of dollars with Fairmint.
Estimated cost over 3 years
Business model
Initial compliance budget
from regulated entities
Fund manager
& SPV budget
Compliance budget
(States & federal filings)
Cap table
management tool budget
Marketing budget
(campaign on third party marketplaces)
And all these features 👇
Your own ticker symbol
Instant access to your funds
Rolling fundraising in few clicks
Community grants in few clicks
Unlimited community members included
pay what you need
integrated SEC compliance
$0 no fund manager, no SPV
build your own legal in minutes
$0 DYOF Do-Your-Own-Filings
or $899 (optional fees/year)
built-in live cap table management
raise on your own website
$3K to $7K
screening, CPA, escrow...
per SPV
$7K to $25K
lawyer fees
$3K to $10K
per year
$10K ads
to drive traffic
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