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Custom Portal

Don't settle for a basic page on someone else’s website. Make it yours. Craft your portal to match your brand's unique look and feel and host it on your own site.

Smooth Compliance Process

KYC, AML, and Accreditation status are taken care of with a few clicks. Your portal is designed to make the boring stuff easy.

Decentralized Cap Table

Manual cap table management is a thing of the past. Investments are instantly documented and visible in your portal, ensuring 100% accuracy. 

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Fairmint gives visionary entrepreneurs the tools to share the financial upside with the communities that help them change the world.

Tim Draper

Venture Capitalist

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Continuous and 🤘Rolling

Escape static fundraising rounds. Accept capital whenever there is interest and raise your valuation as demand increases.

Branded Ticker Symbol💪

Each offering comes with a unique ticker symbol. Leverage it to rally your community around your fundraise.

All Payment Methods✌🏻

Accept top crypto currencies like BTC, ETH, and USDC, as well as credit cards, bank transfers, and checks.

Controlled Allocation🖕🏻

Raise as much capital as you need within the equity you allocate. 

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