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Distribute equity at scale

Anyone from power users to employees. Compliantly.

I use Fairmint to compensate my community with equity and it's been a game changer! It's become a powerful tool for us to create meaningful community engagement.

PC Hamana

CEO and Founder

We’ve made it easy for you


Pay employees and anyone else that helps you grow with equity in a few clicks.


Supercharge your growth by incentivizing user behavior.

Options, RSUs, and Grants

Transform anyone into an owner using the equity vehicle of your choice


Scale to thousands of community members using a simple integration with our Compensation API.

Make it happen for them

Early Users

Compensate your early users for helping you reach product-market fit.


Grant ownership to your creators for bringing in new users and increasing engagement


Turn employees into owners with options and RSUs.

Gig Economy Workers

Ride sharing, grocery delivery, or anything else. Reward your providers for high quality service.

Play to Earn Gamers

Accelerate user activity by creating in game equity rewards.


Forge deep alignment between partners by exchanging equity.


Pay affiliates with equity for promoting your product and bringing in new customers.

Loyal Customers

Honor your most loyal customers by making them owners.

New Users

Drive new user sign ups with equity rewards at registration.

Liquidity Providers

Incentivize a liquid secondary market for your equity.

Community Ownership is in our DNA

Ready to grow with your community?