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Give your community skin in the game

Fairmint empowers you to grant equity to anyone that adds value to your company and passively receive investment from your biggest fans.

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Grow your company like a super founder

Ship Greatness

Stay focused on delivering delightful products and services to your community without months of distraction & delay caused by legacy fundraising rounds.

Receive the Love

Empower your community to easily support you in your journey with their time, talent, and money.

Share the Success

Your community gets to participate in your success - with real equity - as you grow.

Programmable equity in 3 steps

Setup your portal

Reserve your ticker, customize your portal, and install your community widget on your website.

Prepare your legal docs

Fly though our guided legal template and have a SAFE ready for your community in minutes.

Define your terms

⁠Set your valuation and allocation, you can easily simulate any equity story your want for your company to design your offering.

Congrats 🎉 You are ready to launch

A portal for your community, and so much more


The rise of Web3 is highlighting the value of community. 

Employees, contractors, partners, influencers, and retail investors all play a huge part in growing your business. 

Fairmint’s compensation mechanism lets you incentivize anyone to help your company succeed by issuing equity for time or money.


Fairmint transforms the formerly insular world of fundraising into an inclusive, automated, and always-on process.

Our full stack SaaS lets you access a wide range of funding sources, from top tier VCs to key business angels to the mega-fan making their first startup investment.

Fairmint’s SEC-compliant technology can accompany a business from launch to IPO.

Unlock liquidity

While some investors and community members can wait 10 years to maximize their returns, others can’t. ⁠

Fairmint’s tokenized equity offers a range of liquidity options that fit different investor profiles, from IPOs and M&A to DeFi protocols and AMMs. ⁠

Fairmint’s default equity lockup period lets your secure your company while creating unprecedented programmable liquidity.


Fairmint redesigns the user experience for issuing and accessing crypto-native securities, giving founders the power to bring their web2 companies into web3.



Fairmint delivers the only full-stack solution for companies to issue their own crypto securities directly from their website

Intuitive admin

⁠Issue your crypto securities to investors and manage community member compensation in one place.

Built-in compliance

All necessary verifications including KYC, KYB, AML, accreditation are hard-coded at the smart contract level.

Live cap table

With a web3 distributed cap table, you get access to live fully diluted ownership data for your company.

Branded user experience

Your community supports your brand. Claim your ticker symbol, customize your portal, and host it directly on your domain.

Documented API

Intergrate Fairmint directly into your product. With our API, you decide how to best leverage your community capital.

Instant support

Get direct access to a knowledgeable team of experts from within your portal. Don't hesitate to use the chat!

Community tweets.

We are all about community. ⁠Here's what ours has to say.

Alex McCaw

Founded Clearbit. VC.

We are getting close to a reality where startups: raise without pitching, have their customers as investors, and have ongoing liquidity pools. For insight here check out Fairmint. They're onto something.

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TSLA, APPL, and more use their ticker as a powerful branding tool. At Fairmint, all our customers get their own ticker with their custom widget.

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